#40. Transforming Communication Using 3D Tech at Giants like Adidas w/ Oluwaseyi Sosanya | by Entrepreneur’s Handbook | Aug, 2022

Learn from the founder of Gravity Sketch

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Today’s guest is Oluwaseyi Sosanya, the CEO and founder of Gravity Sketch. It’s an intuitive 3D design platform designed to help teams review, collaborate and create in an innovative way. They’ve raised over 40 million so far after completing their Series A. They count Reebok, Ford, and HP as clients and are building this every day.

I recommend you check out the product because it’s really cool what they’re doing and there are even ways that you can get a sample of it for free. Seyi’s company is already incredibly successful and he is really honest about the different hardships faced along the way, what burdens he overcame, and what skills he learned as well.

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