#41. India’s Biggest Crypto Exchange and The Future of Web3 Gaming w/ Siddharth Menon | by Entrepreneur’s Handbook | Aug, 2022

Learn from the founder of Tegro

Welcome to the Entrepreneur’s Handbook Podcast, where we share inspiring startup stories and practical takeaways for you, the listener. Today’s guest is Sid Menon, who’s the founder and CEO of Tegro. It’s a company that’s aiming to fix economics, market quants, and liquidity in Web3 gaming. Before Tegro, Sid co-founded Wazir X, which is India’s biggest crypto exchange with tens of millions of users and they were eventually bought out by Binance.

You’ll realize Sid is a serious entrepreneur who loves solving problems. But he’s not only an expert in the Web3 space, he is actually an expert in company-building in general, and he’s built many companies before that, such as Crowd Fire. This is a fascinating conversation and so much to learn from him. Let’s go into the show.


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