Exploring the opportunities in revenge travel and effortless CBT transactions

International payments have long served as the engine enabling cross-border trade and investment. They have been instrumental in the emergence of today’s global economy. A large number of them are made on a daily basis, playing a vital role in keeping the economy healthy and stable.

After losing more than a year to lockdowns, pent-up demand for travel has resulted in an increase in what has been coined as ‘revenge travel’. Travellers from emerging markets like India are upping their spending on vacations and leisure experiences.

Consumers and the travel industry are both playing a part in the trend toward cashless trips. Travel suppliers and service providers have adopted technology to facilitate online transactions and payments, while consumers have become more familiar and comfortable with contactless payments. As per demand, businesses small and big are digitally transforming themselves to keep up with this contactless way of functioning.

With cashless transactions becoming the preferred choice for most international travellers, businesses have an opportunity to expand their customer base by delivering simple yet trusted cross-border transactions.

To throw light on the opportunities available and discuss the avenues for growth, PayPal, in association with YourStory, is hosting a webinar on ‘The opportunities in revenge travel and effortless CBT transactions’.

Key focus areas:

01. Trends toward travellers going cashless overseas

02. Travel suppliers adopting tech to overcome challenges

03. Rise in usage of digital wallets

04. Establishments turning down cash payments

05. Seamless payment experience for customers

06. What’s next for digital wallets?

Join the webinar on October 7 | 3-4PM

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