How HKBasics is Making India Aesthetic and Quirky

Earlier, fashion was thought to be a way to cover up one’s body. However, times have changed, and fashion has become a means for people to make a statement through what they wear.

People became enamored with wearable art and decided to devote time and effort to it. It became a way of expressing a variety of ideas to the world as a result of this.

Instagram and TikTok have recently gained popularity, and numerous trends have become a dominant part of culture and fashion.

People are obsessed with pretty prints and aesthetic accessories, which are difficult to get in India. To fill that void, a lot of stores both offline and online have popped up in India, allowing us all to get our hands on some of the cutest and most beautiful items.

HKBasics is one such startup helping Indians to go all aesthetic and quirky without breaking their bank accounts.


Ms. Diksha Gandhi and Mr. Abhishek Bhor, two of the brightest minds founded HKBasics.

Diksha Gandhi is a skilled and experienced entrepreneur. She is familiar with the Startup Grind, Silicon Valley, California, or working side by side with the world’s top marketers.

Mr. Abhishek Bhor, who has worked with top names such as AJSK, Zee, Jade, and Viacom 18, has a working knowledge of the filmmaking industry, directing fashion films, and just the perfect and balanced knowledge of how the market works, HkBasics is their joint venture and their goal is to make it one of the best and, fastest-growing Indian brands.

The founders noticed a huge gap in the market for products that are needed and used daily, such as a phone case or a fanny bag. Many unique and trendy designs were unavailable in the country. So HKBasics came into play to solve the problem.

The Inception of the Startup:

When founder Diksha Gandhi was looking for stationery kits for students at the group of schools she runs, she was astounded to find almost no options other than the standard monotonous designs.

She also had a similar experience while looking for phone cases. So Diksha and her partner Abhishek Bhor decided at the time to bring about change by bringing products that are relatable, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing.

The goal of the HKbasics startup is to bring the aesthetic, with the option of choice and a perfectly priced lineup of modern products.

They began as a two-person team and have grown to a team of approximately 28 people in less than a year. Their initial team is now HkBasic’s core team, The bunch of people that have been with the brand since its inception.

Eram Shaikh, who began as a customer service representative, is now the Manager and oversees the entire team. Amey Salvi, who began as a graphic designer, is now the Creative Director. Rushikesh Patil, who used to print package labels, is now the Head of Logistics. Priti Malli, who began her career as a sales executive, now oversees the Sales Department. Henna Shaikh, who began as a day-to-day order packer, is now the Head of Packaging.

The startup strives to foster a good startup culture and a good environment for all the employees. According to HKBasics, it is not a team it is a clan that they are building.

HKBasics embodies and enforces a good start-up culture to its core. From random dance parties to playing video games at the end of the day; taking trips and celebrating each festival together throughout the year, they do it all that is needed to make a great clan.

When it comes to products, the brand’s goal is to curate an inventory that adheres to the pastel theme and offers designs for every personality out there. Bringing global designs to the Indian consumer’s doorstep with high-quality products at very affordable prices, and with fast delivery services that everyone loves so the customer return rate is 21.9%.

The brand has collaborated with renowned names such as Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Kaur, Benafsha Soonawala, Mitali Mayekar, Shreya Jain, Surbhi Jyoti, Amrapali Yashsinha, as well as celebrities who are HkBasics customers such as Prajakta Kohli (@mostlysane), Aashika Bhatia, Srishti Dixit, etc.

The Working of HKBasics

HK Basics is a woman-led startup that helps other women to get empowered by making them take significant roles in the startup. HKBasics is an essential accessory startup for people who love fashionable accessories.

They have an assorted range of items from phone covers to kitchenware. One can find everything chic and affordable and, can shop without burning a hole in their wallets.

With its range of phone cases, stationery items, backpacks, and home essentials, the startup aims to bring forth all of the essentials a millennial would need in a day.

Given the positive response to their current product line, the startup is also planning to expand into fashion accessories, utility, and storage shortly, making HKBasics a one-stop shop for all kinds of audiences.

The fashion essential startup started as a physical store in Navi Mumbai. The startup has come up with an online store as well. HKBasics has catered to over a million customers across India. The startup has come a long way; Earlier it used to receive only 3 to 4 orders per day, but now it receives 300+ orders per day on average.

Revenue and future plans:

While the brand works on a B2C (business-to-consumer) model, it plans to launch an app and a membership program, which will further increase the company’s revenue as well as its targeted user base.

Apart from this, HKBasics aims to become a global brand by launching its offerings in the United States within the next five years.

India’s eCommerce industry is expected to grow by 84% to $11 billion by 2024. This shift will be driven by mobile shopping, which is expected to grow at a rate of 21% per year over the next three years.

The future of HKBasics is bright and glorious as they keep on catering to the needs of their audience by providing them with the best of items at affordable rates.

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