How Pisarv Technologies is implementing technology to make classroom learning better for kindergarten students

Edtech startups have been active for a while, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit, that the category received a big boost. Schools were forced to use online teaching methods due to pandemic-induced lockdown and social isolation. Several startups in the edtech space sprang as a result of this development. One firm, however, stood out from the crowd thanks to its revolutionary learning solutions.

Kids ageing between 3 to 6, these ages are vital for a child’s mental development and speech. Due to the pandemic schools being shut children and young people are missing out on building their basics and are falling behind. So once they get back to their classrooms they will need extra attention and work to do to compensate

One such startup known as Pisarv stood out from the crowd of many emerging ed-tech startups in India. The startup primarily focuses is on pre-primary students. The idea of the startup was born when the founders saw that there are next to no ed-tech companies that are dedicated solely to pre-primary and kindergarten students.

The goal of the startup is to reinvent and make education fun and exciting for students with the help of AI and AR.

Founded by Abhishek Mishra, Amit Panchal, Roshani Shukla, and Durgesh Shukla to revolutionize the classroom learning experience via the use of sophisticated technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The landscape of the Indian education system is changing as a result of new-age methodologies, and their popularity is projected to expand in the next few years.

Arose from the desire to use new technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence to transform the classroom learning experience for kindergarten students.

SARAL, a world-class patent-pending product, was born from the concept (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning) and CODEAN India’s only offline coding platform. More than 20000 students are learning with SARAL and CODEAN. 

“At Pisarv Technologies we believe that coding/programming is not just Problem Solving Skills necessary to pursue a career as a coder or programmer but will enable our students to develop skills that apply to all jobs: logical or computational thinking, flexibility, problem-solving, creativity, persistence, and collaboration. Best of all it’s challenging and it’s fun!” the startup said in a statement.

CODEAN comes with a complete graded curriculum from class 1st to 8th and it can be used in the classroom as well as in the lab with computers. It supports all major programming languages C, C++, JAVA, and Python with a complete graded curriculum and compiler.

The technology is tailor-made for kindergarteners and pre-primary students providing learning instruments like Touchdraw (A module to improve and encourage kids with their writing skills)

Advanced Phonics ( An interactive phonics that comes with 44 sounds which include Short Vowel, Long Vowel, Diagraph, Diphthongs, Blends, and word-formation ), etc.

SARAL takes the classroom learning experience to the next level by providing a pre-primary learning curriculum. In India, SARAL is deployed in over 200 schools in two nations (India and Nepal) and 23 cities, affecting around 50000 early education students.

The company aims to Make SARAL and CODEAN a national standard and expand across different regions globally; presently Pisarv operates in 15 states and over 75 cities across India. The startup also has offices in Nepal and Zambia (Africa). Pisarv plans to expand and establish well-knitted connections with partners globally within the forthcoming years.

The startup generates revenue through B2B sales, and it doesn’t follow the subscription-based model, they provide one-time purchase options. The startup can be disruptive in the market shortly as it is one of the first ed-tech startups to solely focus on pre-primary students, fostering better education leveraging technology.

“We are here to serve humanity with our innovations, let’s make the world a happier place for all”

Roshani Shukla tells IndianStartupNews

More startups that are leveraging AI and AR in the field of education in India are Embibe, Taghive, Jungroo Learning, Learning matters, etc.

The Indian online education ecosystem has a lot of room for innovation. The market is poised for exponential expansion, with over 4,500 start-ups and a present worth of roughly $700 million – projections anticipate a market size of $30 billion in the next ten years.

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