How This Accidental Entrepreneur Built a $150 Drinks Empire | by Entrepreneur’s Handbook | Aug, 2022

Learn from founder of Hint Water

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Today’s guest is Kara Godin, the founder of Hint Water. They are a beverage company that makes good-tasting drinks, without all of the bad stuff. Kara’s got a really interesting story to tell you about why she founded the company in the first place. The company raised over $50 million and they’ve been stocked in major distributors across America. Kara’s also written a bestselling book, called Undaunted, which shows her struggles and how she overcame them being a founder from a nontraditional background. Kara also now hosts The Kara Goldin Show, where talks to different entrepreneurs about the successes they’ve had and how they got there in the first place, much like this show.

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