Kim Olson, Co-Founder of Jovi, Explains the Tech That Brings Relief From Period Cramps

If a man abruptly suffered excruciating cramps while hemorrhaging from a bodily orifice, he would call that a medical emergency and go to the ER. Women call that their period and go to work. Unsurprisingly, it is a woman entrepreneur, Kim Olson, co-founder of Jovi, who is doing something about the pain of period cramps.

Kim Olson founded Jovi with Suzy Holman and in February 2021. Jovi is a wearable, reusable patch with patented neuro capacitive coupling technology that absorbs electrical signals of discomfort. Jovi patches are made in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are $169 for a single patch. We asked Kim Olson about Jovi, how it works and the need for it

GD: What inspired the creation of Jovi?

Kim Olson: Honestly, I feel like Suzy (Holman, Co-Founder of Jovi) & I were led here together by a little bit of fate. We never set out to have a health and wellness company, but the universe works in mysterious ways! When we discovered the potential of this technology and saw the huge impact it had on people we personally knew and loved who were suffering, we knew we had stumbled into something greater than us. It quickly became our joint mission to share Jovi with the world and help free women everywhere from the monthly discomfort that holds us back.

One of our favorite slogans is, “We are the women we’ve been waiting for” – and we really believe that to be true for ourselves and our incredible Jovi community. The prior go-to options for period cramp relief are totally outdated – the “modern” TENS unit was invented in 1974 and electric heating pads came even earlier in 1912 – so women have been waiting a LONG time for something like Jovi to come into existence!

GD: How does the Jovi patch work?

Kim Olson: In short: Jovi detects, reroutes, and absorbs signals of discomfort to significantly alleviate discomfort caused by menstrual cramps and so much more!

Everything you feel is a result of electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system.  When you experience discomfort, an unbalanced electrical field is created at the source (similar to how a radio creates static).

This ‘static’ travels through synapses within the nervous system until it reaches the brain.  From there, the brain processes the sensation and sends a response back to the source of injury or discomfort.

Jovi works to pick up the message your body is sending out before it reaches its final destination (AKA the brain). Nanocapacitors (think: tiny little energy banks) inside the patch reroute and absorb signals of discomfort like a sponge using a process called neuro capacitive coupling.

GD: Why a focus on period cramps?

Kim Olson: Of course, women deal with more than just period problems, but the statistics are staggering: 80% of us will experience potentially debilitating menstrual cramps at some point in our lifetime.

That’s the vast majority, yet for some reason society still treats period talk as taboo. At Jovi, our main goal is to help more people power through their periods by conquering cramps with the patch – of course. But we also believe we’re stronger when we share our stories, which is why we chat with our close-knit community of 150K+ often to spread the word that cycles don’t need to be something we suffer through. And we especially don’t need to experience period problems alone.

GD: In what ways is the Jovi patch sustainable?

Kim Olson: Jovi is NOT a single use patch. We often tell people they can use it until they lose it – although on average, the patch has maximum effectiveness within the first 120 uses (When you compare that with the cost of disposable patches, Jovi is actually a more affordable option!). There are no batteries or chargers and no refills necessary – which means no need for wasteful packaging or disposable patches clogging up landfills as a result of your relief!

GD: How is Jovi different from other ache and discomfort solutions on the market?

Kim Olson: When it comes to menstrual cramp relief, there’s really no comparison. Jovi is more discreet and wearable than a portable TENS unit with none of the burden of heating pads, none of the harsh side effects or wait time of pills, and no annoying ointments/oils to mess with! All you do is place the patch wherever you’re hurting for MASSIVE relief in minutes.

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