Live Community Events by Entrepreneur’s Handbook on Medium | by Dave Schools | Aug, 2022

Meet the editors and writers, learn Medium tips, and grow your audience and your business

Upcoming and past events below

October 11, 2022 | Community AMA Event

August 9, 2022 | Community AMA & Awards Event

Watch the recording:

Stephen and I discussed the top questions asked, including:

  • how to get started on Medium today
  • how much money can be made on Medium
  • how to get published in Entrepreneur’s Handbook
  • how to grow an audience
  • thank yous to writers, editors, Medium, and readers

Winner overall: Michael Lin Why I Quit a $450k Engineering Job at Netflix

Crypto Winner: Arthur Hayes Number Three

Power Writer: Rachel Greenberg (82 posts published August 1, 2021 — August 1, 2022)

Editor’s Choice 1 (Dave): Spencer Scott Spending $280k on MicroAcquire

Editor’s Choice 2 (Amar): Alex Yelenevych How To Run a Ukrainian IT Business When the World is Falling Apart

Editor’s Choice 3 (Stephen): Lauren Kay My Startup Failed Six Years Ago. I’ve Been Hiding from My Shame Ever Since.

Most Creative: Joseph Mavericks If You Can’t Buy It Twice, Don’t Buy It

Most Engaged Attendee: Bryan Dijkhuizen won an Entrepreneur’s Handbook T-shirt for engaging 1,416 times at the event.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Don’t forget to sign up for the next event!

See you there. Keep writing.