PM Modi to speak at the finals of Smart India Hackathon

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he will address the Grand Finale of the Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2022 in New Delhi on August 25. The SIH, which has been held since 2017 was created to provide students an opportunity solve issues within societies, organisations, and the government.

It has seen massive growth over the last five editions, with a fourfold growth in participants. In its first edition, nearly 7,500 students participated. This time around, nearly 29,600 students involved. Of which, over 15,000 students and mentors are travelling from 75 nodal centers across the country to attend the grand finale.

Students from over 2900 schools and 2200 higher education institutes will be tasked with solving 476 problem statements provided by 53 union ministers in the final.

Some of the problem statements include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of Temple inscriptions and translations in Devanagari Scripts, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled risk monitoring system in Cold Supply Chain for perishable food items, High-resolution 3D model of terrain, and infrastructure and roads conditions in disaster struck areas.