Recommended Resources: Mental Wellness and Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur can take a mental health toll

Let’s be real here—you’re navigating the second year of a global pandemic and still working hard to solve problems for your customers, create value, and grow your teams. As an entrepreneur or startup team member, the competition is fierce, but often the biggest competitor and threat to your business or career can come from within.

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YOU’RE DOING GREAT and we’re inspired by you and your team on the daily.

We can offer encouragement, support, and a few recommended readings (see below) but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, unusually stressed or start feeling other forms of mental distress, reach out to your doctor or visit AHS or for information about local resources available.

If you’re new to Edmonton’s tech and startup community or are still trying to navigate it, welcome and just know we’re here to help. Our friends at Startup TNT and Rainforest Edmonton are fabulous and you should definitely check them out as well. Looking for a casual introduction? Book a Get Started 30-min virtual meeting—but first, you should take a break, you deserve it.