The Startup Magazine 6 Vital Ways A Tax Attorney Can Help Business Owners

Filing taxes is a gigantic undertaking for business owners as figuring out the intricacies of commercial or enterprise-related tax can be difficult and fines can be huge if there is any discrepancy in the process. 

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Tax audits can be particularly harsh for business owners who have either forgotten or incorrectly filed their taxes even once. Working with a tax attorney can alleviate many of your troubles as they can handle responsibility for correctly calculating your taxes and obtaining the necessary paperwork. 

  1. A Comprehensive Analysis Of Applicable Taxes

Tax attorneys are incredibly specialized in tax law and the tax net prevalent in the country. Apart from federal taxes, businesses regardless of size can also be liable to pay local or state taxes. Furthermore, no business (not even a certain type of business) will have the same amount liable in tax. 

The full scope of activities of a business and a multitude of other factors determine the end amount of tax that needs to be paid. Businesses that operate internationally or have an established presence in their own country supplying far and wide, will be subject to additional taxes as well compared with very small local businesses. A tax attorney can figure out the exact varieties of tax that apply to your business making the process smoother and hassle-free. 

  1. Save Time And Effort

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a tax attorney to do your taxes for you is that you save time and effort. Not only is it time-consuming to research the types of tax liable to your business but very few business owners can do so correctly without any kind of professional advice. Save yourself from errors and legal hassles by getting a tax attorney on the job. 

  1. Benefiting From Provisions 

Certain provisions exist for business owners depending on several factors and the type of business they are running. A tax attorney will have his/her finger on the pulse and will know of any new laws being enacted or provisions being provided for the convenience and encouragement of business owners. They can get you significant tax deductibles that will allow you to manage your business income more effectively. 

  1. Reporting The Right Amount Of Income

In most countries and especially in the US, reporting your business income is required by law. A great deal of accuracy is required in reporting income but business owners can get confused regarding how to calculate gross or net income. Gross income which includes total earnings without any deductions made for interest and other expenses is usually what is required by the IRS. Working with a competent tax attorney will ensure all your income is reported correctly and on time so no fines are levied against your business. While incorrect reporting is not a crime for which you will need to seek out the help of an Orlando criminal defense attorney, it can nonetheless cause financial damage to the standing of a business. 

  1. Managing Employee Taxes

Most businesses have hired personnel of different kinds and these hires are liable to taxation. A good tax attorney can identify which taxes are applicable to your employees regarding their status as permanent, temporary, part-time, or independent contractors. Taxes can also vary if a business is a partnership or a private limited company and whether it consists of only a couple of people who classify themselves as self-employed business owners or not. You can leave it to the tax attorney to fine-tune these distinctions and include them in your tax paperwork. An expat tax CPA can help business owners in other countries especially if they are looking to expand their business presence. 

  1. Disputes And Planning 

Managing your tax profile is rarely a simple, straightforward task and there can be disputes with the tax collection authority in your country even without reckless behavior or willful disregard for the law. Tax attorneys are skilled in navigating disputes and solving them before they end up in court. 

Most tax collection authorities like the IRS do not consider ignorance as a good enough reason for incorrectly filing taxes so employing a tax attorney can be indispensable for avoiding trouble. Tax attorneys are also adept in future tax planning which ultimately plays a role in the profitability of your business and determines whether certain activities are feasible to continue or not. Some businesses that rely heavily on imports for example may find that import duties and other related taxes are too much to pay and may consider local suppliers instead. 

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