The Startup Magazine Better Solutions for Better Operational Efficiency in Construction

The efficiency of any kind is very important for businesses today. Operational efficiency mentioned in the text today focuses on the ability of the company to deliver the highest quality goods in a timely manner and in the most cost-effective way possible. It’s necessary to keep an eye on production resources and the waste produced during production (excess materials, overproduction, defects, etc.) Another way to boost efficiency is to reduce idle time for workers and provide them with better work conditions.

There are various strategies that can be used at the construction site to boost operational efficiency in construction. These strategies can be used both on the site and at the business offices and they are proven to create better operations and boost efficiency. Let’s see what can be changed in construction to improve operational efficiency:

Ensure proper communication

It’s necessary to maintain effective and efficient communication in construction. All levels of the construction business need to be in touch in order to boost operational efficiency. This allows many things, like all members of the operation to understand exactly what their tasks are. It also reduces the chance of making a mistake due to misunderstanding and making operational errors. A constant flow of communication and information is useful for all levels of the construction business, architects, engineers, contractors, managers, construction workers, cleaners, etc. Inside the construction site, workers can discuss things like best start times, best locations and best orders of tasks. With proper communication, it’s possible to increase efficiency, safety, productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Productivity management and tracking

It’s definitely crucial for project managers to practice correct scheduling, but that’s not the only thing that can boost efficiency. Through recording productivity levels and tracking time, managers can gain insight into just how productive workers and teams are at any given time. Construction companies should start analyzing and studying elements of the project which allows them to identify certain changes that need to be done in order to improve efficiency. Tracking and recording provide managers with a better idea of workers, how they spend their time and what kind of improvements might work for them.

Improvement of safety

Safety can be a great efficiency booster because it allows construction workers to work quickly and without fear. A lot of things can go wrong on the construction site from falls and hits to sprains and stabs. People can fall from great heights and something can fall on them from great heights. To keep workers as safe as possible, it’s necessary to invest in and police proper safety gear wear like helmets, vests, gloves, goggles, masks and toe guards. Additionally, investing in safety net installation is another good way to keep those above and those below safer. These nets absorb the energy of the fall, but they need to be set up correctly by professionals.  When workers are safe, they can focus 100% of their attention on executing their tasks instead of worrying about safety.

Regular check-ins

In order to keep everyone up-to-date and working, it’s necessary to include regular check-ins with workers. This also includes special times for extra instructions when and if needed. According to research, lengthy meetings at the beginning of the workday are not super effective, while quick check-ins are. They allow managers to check the productivity of the staff several times a day and instruct them on the best ways to proceed with the work according to the situation. It also ensures everyone is kept alert instead of experiencing those drips in productivity as the day moves forward.


One of the best ways construction companies can encourage their workers to perform to their best abilities is through gamification. Through this strategy, workers can enjoy certain elements of competition by setting goals and scores and winning prizes. These games are friendly, but can seriously push people to improve their performance. Gamification can improve efficiency, productivity and teamwork, as well as improve the mood in a team. It’s possible to track performance through apps and programs easily available to any worker, but also to management.

Adaptation of mobile tech

Adopting mobile technology is the future of construction work management and efficiency. With mobile phones, all members of the team and all teams can communicate with each other no matter if they are on the site or off-site. Using instant messaging apps and video calls, it’s possible to save time and reduce the need for face-to-face contact between people (personal contact is useful but not always practical). Through mobile phones, construction workers and teams can receive instructions, alerts and changes to the project in real-time. These strategies rely on the implementation of the right software, but if that’s performed, it’s possible to boost efficiency and minimize delays and interruption.

The construction industry depends on high operational efficiency and with these strategies, it’s possible to improve all aspects of efficiency. In order to achieve smarter project management, the future of construction will depend on the implementation of the mentioned ideas, so get ready to see them on every site.