The Startup Magazine Six Types of Personal Injury Cases Your Startup Should Be Aware Of

If you are starting a business that has physical premises, you need to know about the six following types of personal injury cases.

personal injury cases

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By being aware of them, you can take the necessary steps to help prevent them from happening and, in turn, avoid being held accountable and facing a lawsuit. 

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your premises.

If you do not continually ensure that your site is safe, it is more likely that anyone on the property, including customers, clients, contractors, and workers, could be injured.

One of the most common accidents on business premises is that of slip and fall accidents. They typically happen when spillages occur and are not mopped up, obstacles are left in pathways, and floors and floor coverings are not secure.

If a spillage occurs and the wet area is not clearly marked, and someone slips and falls, the person could file a personal injury lawsuit after getting legal advice at Abels & Annes or any other reputable personal injury law firm.

So, make certain that you have health and safety protocols in place to ensure all employees know how important it is to mop up spillages, remove obstacles from pathways, and so on, to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring on your premises.

2. Stairwell Accidents

Accidents on stairwells can often result in more serious injuries.

In addition to ensuring stairs are kept dry and free of obstacles to prevent slip and fall accidents, you need to ensure handrails are not wobbly or broken, no stairs are rotten or loose, and that there is adequate lighting.

If such things are not regularly monitored and maintained, it is much more likely that someone will have an accident that results in an injury; and that could result in a lawsuit.

Being involved in a personal injury lawsuit could not only be financially damaging. It could also damage your business’s reputation. And as a startup, it is vital that you build a good reputation from the very start.

3. Parking Lot Accidents

It is not only inside your business premises where accidents could happen. Accidents can also happen outside your property, such as in the parking lot.

If someone is injured in your parking lot or any other exterior site that you own and the accident is due to your negligence, you could face being sued.

Therefore, make sure the exterior of your business premises is just as safe as the interior.

4. Construction Site Accidents

If you have construction work being carried out on your premises, whether inside or outside the building, you could be held responsible if your negligence causes an accident.

For instance, you may not put up proper signs to warn people that they are in a hazardous zone. Sometimes, the construction company can be held responsible. But other times, you could be liable.

So, always make certain that construction zones follow proper health and safety procedures to avoid facing a potential lawsuit.

5. Dog Bite Accidents

If you have dogs on your business premises and a dog bites someone on your property, you could be held accountable. 

Therefore, you should only let dogs that are never aggressive roam your property freely, other than guard dogs during out-of-hours, and you should always put up clear signs to let people know you have dogs on the premises.

6. Fire Injuries

Finally, it is imperative that you take reasonable precautions to prevent fires from happening on your business premises.

A fire could not only damage your property and your goods. It could also harm people; which could result in a lawsuit. So, do not overlook how important it is to have fire safety protocols in place. 

As a startup, you need to avoid anything that could result in a lawsuit and damage your business’s cash flow, profits, and reputation.