Top 16 pitches of Shark Tank India (Season 1)

Shark Tank is the most sensational and talked about reality show right now in India. Shark Tank India is dominating the news these days because of the popularity and hype it has gained within just a few days of airing.

Shark Tank India is encouraging entrepreneurial talks among Indian households, which were previously uncommon. It also provides budding enterprises with a platform to promote their products at a level that would not have been achievable otherwise.

We witnessed amusing proposals that also solved important problems in the first few episodes. Here are a few Shark Tank India pitches that you might find intriguing.

SharkTank India is a reality show for Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their idea and raise funds. In the show, some business concepts wowed the judges and landed them a contract and some failed to do so.

The US-inspired reality show had a panel of top Indian investors who invested in the startups they saw potential in.

The Sharks of Shark Tank India include Ashneer Grover, the Founder and Managing Director of BharatPe, Vineeta Singh, the CEO and Co-Founder of SUGAR Cosmetics, Peyush Bansal, the Founder and CEO of, Namita Thapar, the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Anupam Mittal, the Founder and CEO of, Ghazal Alagh, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of boAt.

The sharks invested in the startups that they loved and saw the immense potential that has it in them to create disruption. The Sharks had to bargain with some businesses, while others threw up their hands as soon as they heard the pitch.

Then there were the few startup concepts that left the sharks with their jaw hanging. All of the Sharks invested in a small number of people. You may be wondering what these mesmerizing startups are based on.

1. Revamp Moto

Revamp Moto is the country’s first modular utility vehicle startup based in Maharashtra is wanting to make the world a sustainable place to live. They came for a crore rupees for 1% equity and left with a crore rupees for 1.5 % equity funded by the two sharks, Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal.

Ashneer Grover offered them 1.25 percent, but they decided to go with two sharks instead. It was a high-energy pitch complete with a wonderful product and a shark battle.

2. Jugaadu Kamlesh

Jugadu Kamlesh’s filmy pitch and Peyush Bansal’s investment won over every Indian’s heart. The purpose was straightforward: to assist the country’s farmers. Kamlesh devised a pesticide trolley spray for farmers to utilize when spraying pesticides.

He obtained Rs 10 lakh in finance for 40 percent equity from Shark Peyush Bansal, as well as a flexible no-interest loan of Rs 20 lakh, which he can repay in tiny increments as he earns income from marketing the product.

3. Menstrupedia Comic

Menstrupedia Comic is a really wonderful cause that attempts to educate people about menstruation and debunk stereotypes about it. Emcure’s Executive Director Namita Thapar made a 50 lakh investment for a 20 percent stake in the company.

4. Annie

Annie is a device developed by Thinkerbell Labs for children with special needs. The demonstration was performed by young Prathamesh Sinha, who did an excellent job of showcasing the product.
Three sharks – Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal – offered them 1.05 crores for 3 percent equity.

5. Skippi Ice Pops

As kids we loved ice pops even most adults love it,as it strungs the string of nostalgia in their hearts. Though this isn’t a new business, but Sharks thought it was worth investing in.

Skippi Pops’ Ice Pops was able to secure all of the Sharks’ support in exchange for a Rs 1 crore investment in exchange for 15% equity. The money and stock stake will be allocated equally among all Sharks.

6. Spandan

Spandan is addressing a global issue. There are so many deaths occurring around the world simply due to a lack of timely access to medical equipment, and Spandan intends to alleviate this, at least in one arena.
Spandan is a pocket-sized ECG monitor that anyone anywhere can use. It was an all-shark transaction in which all of the judges – Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Ghazal Alagh – contributed 1 crore rupees for a 6% interest in the company.

7. Wakão Foods

Wakao foods offers vegan food options for people. The founder of Wakao Foods brought intriguing energy to the show. The Wako dance and the delicious meat substitute dishes given to the judges did the trick, and Wako won 75 lakhs for a 21 percent stake from Shark Ladies, Ghazal Alagh, Vineeta Singh, and Namita Thapar.

8. The State Plate

The State Plate is founded by a group of young entrepreneurs that want to bring regional products from all over the country together. From Punjab’s Pinni to West Bengal’s Jhalmuri, this brand highlights India’s culinary diversity.
The State Plate founders were open to the improvements suggested by the sharks, but they refused to accept the sharks’ offer of equity. Peyush Bansal offered them 40 lakhs for a 3 percent stake in exchange for a 25 lakh debt.

9. WeStock

WeStock is a Brainwired product that monitors the health and reproductive cycle of cows. WeStock is a mission-driven product aimed at the country’s farmers. It has the potential to be a highly beneficial tool for farmers in India.

The product itself, as well as the manner the co-founders answered all of the questions, made their pitch engaging. The co-founders asked for 50 lakhs for a 5% stake in the company and accepted an offer from three sharks – Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Ashneer Grover – for 60 lakhs for a 10% stake.

10. CosIQ

It takes something exceptional for a four-month-old start-up to impress the sharks. Kanika Talwar and her husband Angad founded CosIQ, which hopes to become a significant intelligent skincare company. The packaging and quality of their products were adored by all of the sharks.

Their goods are manufactured with pure components and simple formulae, which serves as a difference. The initial request was Rs 50 lakhs for a 7.5 percent stake in their company. After much haggling, the pair agreed to a deal with Vineeta Singh of Sugar Cosmetics and Anupam Mittal for Rs 50 lakhs against a 25% equity stake.

11. Get-A-Whey

Jimmy and Jash Shah, a mother-son team, created an immediate connection with the investors because of their exceptional presentation abilities, articulated responses, and incredible experiences. They wanted a Rs 1 Cr investment in exchange for an 8% stake in their company in order to expand it.

Get-A-Whey is a millennial-targeted health-conscious ice cream brand. Their ice creams are high in protein, have no added sugar, are low in fat, and have fewer calories than other ice creams on the market. It is now available in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Surat, Chennai, and Delhi-NCR.

They were able to secure a Rs 1 crore investment for 15% equity. Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta, and Vineeta Singh were among the investors.

12. The yarn bazaar

Mumbai-based The Yarn Bazaar’s startup aspires to organize the unorganized textile sector. They have done more than Rs 230 crore in business since 2019. In addition to buying and selling yarn, the organization conducts interviews and podcasts with industry professionals, giving value to the textile industry.

Founder and CEO Pratik Gadia represented the company, and he wowed the sharks with his concentrated vision. Lenskart’s Peyush Bansal, Ashneer Grover, Anupam Mittal, and Aman Gupta offered Gadia a Rs 1 Cr deal.

13. Smart Helmets by Altor

The smart helmets by team Altor, one of the most notable ideas showcased on the show, struck a chord with the investor panel. The young crew of recent college grads created a smart helmet with a variety of beneficial functions. A terrible death of a buddy had set the team on the path to creating their hero product.

The helmet is GPS-enabled and compatible with Google Maps. When connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth, the helmet can send a notification to the family members of an accident victim. The sharks were delighted by the helmet’s many other smart features. The team concluded a Rs 5 million acquisition for a 7% stake in Emcure Pharma with Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta.

14. Cocofit

Bengaluru-based Cocofit is India’s first franchise concept centred on coconuts. They make coconut shakes, smoothies, sodas, slushes, and ice creams, among other things. The startup aspires to be a game-changer in the coconut industry across the country by addressing challenges like as hygiene and transportation. The company was founded in 2019 and has since opened 31 locations in seven states.

They appeared on the show to seek mentorship to help them take their business strategy to the next level after receiving multiple franchise requests from around the world. The entrepreneurs Sasi Kanth Visinigiri, Pavan Kumar Seepana, and Sunil Kumar Tentu had requested Rs 5 for 5% equity. A similar agreement was reached with Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal.

15. Keto India

Keto India, founded by Sahil Pruthi after going through personal agony due to his mother’s brain surgery, is the sole brand that received a tremendous offer from investors but refused to take it. Pruthi founded the healthcare IT firm in 2018. Through its app, the firm offers personalised dietary regimens and support. The sharks were really impressed with the young entrepreneur and his company concept.

The startup aims to dispel diet fallacies and provide diabetes, PCOS, and thyroid sufferers with personalized nutritional support. Pruthi was offered Rs 1.6 crore by Ashneer Grover, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, refused to accept the offer since he was unwilling to go above a 1.25 percent equity stake.

16. Humpy A2

Humpy A2, founded by Vishal Chaudhari, Malvika Gaekwad, and Jaywant Patil, is a brand that offers authentic organic dairy products in Pune. They specialize in A2-certified milk that is chemical-free. Their initial offer was Rs 75 lakhs for a 4% stake.

Paneer, cheese, curd, and organic milk were favorites of the sharks. While Anupam and Namita declined the offer, Peyush Bansal and Mama Earth’s Gazal Alag offered them a joint agreement for Rs 75 lakhs in exchange for a 10% equity stake. Vineeta soon joined the two, and the three investors struck a deal with the entrepreneurs for Rs 1 Cr for a 15% stake.

Number of investments made by the Sharks:

Ashneer Grover: BluePine Industries, booz scooters, Tagz Foods, Skippi Pops, Raising Superstars, Beyond Snack, Motion Breeze, Bamboo India, Find Your Kicks India, Aas Vidyalaya, Otua, WeSTOCK, IN A CAN, Get A Whey, Hair Originals, and EventBeep. 

Anupam Mittal: Heart up my Sleeves, COSIQ, Revamp Moto, Skippi Pops, Vivalyf Innovations- Easy Life, Meatyour, Cocofit, Bamboo India, Let’s Try, Find Your Kicks India, IN A CAN, The Quirky Nari, Hair Originals, and LOKA. 

Aman Gupta: BluePine Industries, Peeschute, Bummer, Revamp Moto, Skippi Pops, Raising Superstars, Beyond Snack, Altor, Nuutjob, Meatyour, EventBeep, ARRCOAT Surface Textures, Farda, LOKA, Hammer Lifestyle, Beyond Water, Cocofit, Let’s Try, Find Your Kicks India, WeSTOCK, IN A CAN, Get A Whey, Namhya Foods, and The Renal Project. 

Vineeta Singh:  BluePine Industries, booz scooters, Heart up my Sleeves, NOCD, COSIQ, Skippi Pops, and Ariro. 

Namita Thapar: Bummer, Skippi Pops, Menstrupedia, Altor, Nuutjob, Farda, Auli Lifestyle, Cocofit, Beyond Water, Find Your Kicks India, Aas Vidyalaya, WeSTOCK, IN A CAN, Get A Whey, The Quirky Nari, and The Renal Project. 

Peyush Bansal: Vivalyf Innovations- Easy Life, Ariro, Nuutjob, Meatyour, EventBeep, PNT, Find Your Kicks India, Aas Vidyalaya, RoadBounce, WeSTOCK, The State Plate, IN A CAN, Sid 07 Designs, Hair Originals, and LOKA. 

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